Project end. Summary of the achieved (video & documents)

This month was the conclusion of the project. The team gathered for an online meeting to give a summary of everything achieved during the project term. All work done during the past two years is summarised in a few documents with more in-depth scientific explanations.

For those less inclined to go through the documents and delve deeper into the science part, we prepared a video summary of the project, which will give you a good understanding of the goals set forward and the achieved so far.

Phase 1

Under Phase 1 of the project Technical University – Sofia had to upgrade some hardware components and control logic for two of its experimental logistics systems. The following document presents those changes:

ECAM-EPMI – Paris also had to implement upgrades and new capabilities to their pharmaceutical production and packaging line. The following document provides an overview of that deliverable:

In the mean time the teams of the National University of Radio Electronics in Kharkiev, in collaboration with the University of Jyväskylä, were busy developing the architecture of the immune system subject of the project:

Phase 2

Under Phase 2 the team at the Technical University – Sofia worked on setting up the pilot installations with the necessary logic to operate as the desired simulated real-life systems (luggage conveyor and warehouse storage & retrieval systems), as well as the creation of the intelligent control layer, capable of detecting and tracking the load units. The following document describes this process:

The team from ECAM-EPMI worked on the establishment of a cyber-attack and security simulator platform, based on their pharmaceutical production and packaging line, which was to be used for the experiments in that phase of the project:

In Phase 2 the teams at NURE and JYU were experimenting with different generative adversarial network architectures and various training techniques in order to develop a proof-of-concept immune system for the intelligent control layers for the three pilot demonstrators:

Phase 3

In Phase 3 the final collaboration includes the play-out of the various scenarios for cyber attacks and the analysis of the efficiency of the implemented immune system.