Work meeting in Cergy

Participants in the work meeting: Mariia GOLOVIANKO (NURE), Svitlana GRYSHKO (NURE), Timo TIIHONEN (JYU), Vagan TERZIYAN (JYU), Konstantin DIMITROV (TU-SOFIA), Alexander GRANTCHAROV (TU-SOFIA), Moumen DARCHERIF (ECAM-EPMI), Samir HAMACI (ECAM-EPMI), Karim LABADI (ECAM-EPMI).

The Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Finish teams visited ECAM-EPMI for a coordination meeting, to discuss some administrative topics, but also to work on the integration of the experimental pharmaceutical production line, which ECAM-EPMI have on premise, within the general Immune System coverage. Also, various ways to merge the fields of Machine Learning and PetriNets were discussed.