Work meeting in Sofia

Participants in the work meeting: Mariia GOLOVIANKO (NURE), Svitlana GRYSHKO (NURE), Timo TIIHONEN (JYU), Vagan TERZIYAN (JYU), Konstantin DIMITROV (TU-SOFIA), Alexander GRANTCHAROV (TU-SOFIA).

The Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Finish teams met in Sofia, Bulgaria for a week of quality face-to-face work session from 22nd to 27th of July 2019.  The first day started by the Bulgarian team with a demonstration of the operational capabilities of the two newly upgraded logistical systems (The Interroll Conveyer and the ASRS) and their automated control solutions, built on Siemens automation technology. The team members discussed the logic behind the control solutions and the behaviours of the systems.

Screenshot from the SCADA used to monitor and operate the InterROLL conveyer

Screenshot from the SCADA used to monitor and operate the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

The second day was spent on discussions on the general architecture of the cyber defence solution, incorporating an intelligent control layer for each of the logistics systems and an immune system on top of the intelligence layer, to protect the intelligent decision making process. The teams then went into details, discussing various attack scenarios and mitigation strategies.

The teams discussed various options for acquiring the necessary data for the training of the neural networks, the labelling process and different classification approaches. This day turned out to be very productive and at the end of it the teams had a good understanding of what will be the different modules of the systems and how data would flow between those modules.

Discussing the architecture of the intelligence cyber defence system

Draft version of the architecture of the intelligence cyber defence system to be developed an implemented on the experimental logistics systems in TU-Sofia and ECAM-EPMI

The rest of the time the teams had to spent together was devoted to discussing interoperability issues, interfaces and generally how to make the system work seamlessly over distance and in different development environments.